This information is relevant to anyone with a Internet connection through Orange and in particular to those giving their WIFI password to a large number of people (guests/clients).

There are two security issues:

1. It has come to our attention that when subscribing to an Orange Internet account the default settings for the account allow purchases online using two services called Internet+ and Contact+. These services allow some websites to charge amounts to your Orange account (without any verification) that will then be added to your Orange invoice at the end of the month. The idea is that this avoids having to enter credit card details to make purchases for small amounts. It seems however that there may be some abuse of these services on certain websites, either intentional fraud or a situation where it is not clear to the user that a service is paying.
Unless you specifically wish to use the service for online purchases we would strongly recommend that you deactivate these two services in your client account “espace client”. Please see this instruction sheet showing you how to login to your “espace client” and then where to deactivate the Internet+ and Connect+ services.

  • If you find that you have a regular payment going out every month from one of these services then you will also need to cancel the “abonnement”. Please see this instruction sheet explaining how to do this.

2. When you subscribe to Orange Internet services you are given a login and password. By default this login is an email address Therefore anyone connected to your WIFI is automatically connected to your account (your “espace client”), meaning that they have access to all your bills, private information, the ability to modify your Orange account (including the settings discussed above), add new services etc.
The only way to avoid this automatic login is to add a second email address within your “espace client”. Then anyone attempting to login will be asked for a password. Please see this instruction sheet for details on creating a second email account. Please note that this cannot be completed if you are (using an IP address) located outside of France.

If you do not have your login details (an email address, usually and a password) you will need to contact Orange directly unless you are an existing Running Repairs client in which case we may have your details on record.

We advise all Orange clients to check their invoices for any discrepancies/extra charges/tariffs.