Satellite TV

Satellite TV installations, repairs & advice:

Running Repairs specialises in the installation, repair & advice of satellite TV in France. We have years of experience in installing both satellite & terrestrial TV in the Savoie region & beyond. Our installations include extensive top end integrated systems in Monaco & Antibes right through to simple seasonaire accommodation installs in resort.

Ready to go? If you already know what you want then please go straight to the Forms page & complete New satellite installation form. We will contact you as soon as we have received the form to make arrangements.

Future proofing – Are you building/rebuilding/renovating your property? Talk to us before it’s too late! Often people don’t think about their TV cabling needs until they finish their project only to find they wish they had an extra cable/outlet/antenna. Often French contractors will only install the minimum cabling which won’t offer you all the viewing choices you may desire. Contact us today to discuss your needs & wants. We are happy to consult/install/advise/oversee your project.


The digital switch over:

Television-Numerique-Terrestre-hdFrance, like the UK, has recently switched to digital. This is great news as you can now receive many HD French TV channels for very little cost. The Savoie region was changed in mid-late 2011 and now requires residents to have ‘digital ready’ equipment. For advice regarding French terrestrial TV please contact us today.

Russian TV:


Do you have Russian clients? Wouldn’t it be great to offer them Russian TV while they stay in your property? Running Repairs specialises in the installation of FTA (Free to Air) Russian TV & can offer around 20 channels to you & your guests for a one off fee. There are no ongoing costs & once the system is installed it requires very little maintenance. For all your Russian TV requirements please contact us today.


freesatInstalling UK TV systems in France is a major part of our business. We have extensive knowledge in installing UK satellite TV & can offer you many different options. These include both basic one off (no ongoing fees) installations of both FreeSat & Sky TV systems & subscription Sky TV systems (including Sky Sports, ESPN & Movies). Running Repairs is also working with another company which is happy to offer these services even if you do not have a registered UK address. For all your UK TV requirements please contact us today.

Premiership football:

eplRunning Repairs also has excellent knowledge of satellite TV systems offering English Premiership Football games other than those offered by Sky TV UK. For all your Premiership Football requirements please contact us today.

Sky Go:

Running Repairs is proud to be able to offer you Sky Go on the move for as little as €5 per month! Your Sky Go package only requires an internet connection so you can watch it no matter where you are in the world. Please contact us for all the details.