I.T. & Broadband

Running Repairs is proud to offer a range of I.T. support products to its clients. These include the set up, installation & maintenance of Broadband connections (from a range of suppliers) , Networks, Wifi, Virus removal & protection & much more.

We can have a new (fibre / xDSL) internet connection in your property in 2 weeks (supplier permitting) from as little as €300+TVA. Ready to go? To get your connection started complete the ‘new internet connection form‘ available on the Forms page & return it us via post or email & we will get the ball rolling the next business day (please note that all paperwork must be correctly attached). Your €300+TVA gets your internet connection up & running with a Wi-Fi modem router installed completely to your specification. You can have as much or as little input as you like – simply tell us what you want & we will take care of the rest.

Currently we offer a range of Fibre & xDSL broadband connections including those through the following providers:

satellite dish - Running Repairs

Running Repairs are now also offering satellite internet services. With a range of options starting from just €30 p/m you can have reliable fast internet no matter where you live. Installations costs start from just €300 + parts. Contact us to know more about the right solution for your needs.


Do you need your network/Wi-Fi configured? Is your modem displaying its standard network name? Does it still have the impractical standard Wi-Fi password? Changing your network name & password not only makes your life easier but is also a great way to advertise for free. Contact us to find out more about configuring your network/Wi-Fi.


Viruses, Trojans, worms & other infections are nasty & are often very difficult to remove. Running Repairs has removed infections for many different clients throughout the Alps & have all the equipment necessary for achieving this. Of course the best solution is some good antivirus software. Contact us to find out more about virus removal & how to avoid them in the first place.


I.T. contracts are currently available. Please see our contracts page or contact us for details.


Looking for a new computer? Running Repairs works closely with Dell & can obtain any configuration that suits you (English/French/other language software/keyboard/power supply etc). Please contact us today to find out what the current deals are & how we can help you.