Prices and Terms

Call out to Meribel including 1st hours labour: €112.50+TVA (Lead Tech)

Call out to Courchevel 1850 including 1st hours labour: €150+TVA (Lead Tech)

Please note there will be a price increase from July 1st 2024

Our hours are 9am-5pm Monday – Friday. Any works (call outs/support calls, etc) outside of these times will be charged at our premium rate.

Hourly rates: Cost per unit
Day rate – Lead Tech €583.33+TVA
Lead technician p/h €83.33+TVA
Call out fee (including 1st hour) From €100+TVA
Maintenance Technician p/h €60+TVA
Call out fee (including first hour) From €83.33+TVA
Fuel cost p/km €2+TVA
Emergency Call Out fee (including 1st hour) from €200+TVA
Emergency labour p/h €166.66+TVA
Subsistence p/d €100+TVA
Admin time p/h €50+TVA

All prices are plus tax (20%)

*Seasonaire discounts available*

All call outs are charged for a minimum of 1 hours labour. Any time additional to the initial hour will be added in ¼ hour increments at the charge of €83.33+TVA p/h+tax (always rounded up)(€83.33 for Lead Technician, €60 for maintenance tech).

We charge for all assistance given, no matter what the format (e.g. consulting, phone calls, whatsapp, video calls, emails, loading & unloading of equipment, invoicing, etc). We charge in 1/4 hour increments & these are always rounded up. All communications are logged & tracked with time tracking software to aid accuracy. Reports can be provided from said software however the time taken to produce reports will be charged for accordingly.

Fuel costs are added (at our discretion – i.e. when a single job is required in another resort). The mileage is calculated by using a mapping website.

Emergency rates are charged at our discretion &/or where the call out is required before 9am or after 5pm on any day, on any French public holiday, or where other clients are delayed due to that clients ‘emergency’.

Equipment charges can be added whenever expensive specialised equipment is required for that work.

A small miscellaneous charge will apply to all invoices (at our discretion) to cover basic costs (screws, rawl plugs, drill bits etc).

Please note that the above are only guide prices & every job is different & requires different materials etc. Each job is assessed afterwards & invoices will be produced based solely on the materials & time used for that particular job.

All Running Repairs terms & conditions are subject to change without notice.